Completion of the Clinical Study of Eye-gel 2005.05.09

Hong Kong, 9 May 2005) - Lee's Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GEM) Stock: 8221; Website: today announced that the clinical study for corneal epithelium abrasion for the Group's in-house product ~ Eyprotor® ("Protein-free Calf Blood Extract Eye-gel") has been successfully completed.

The goal of this clinical study was to demonstrate that Eyprotor® is safe and effective for the clinical treatment of patients with corneal epithelium abrasion. This multi-centers, randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial involved 240 patients was initiated in January 2005. This clinical trial was conducted at five leading ophthalmology centers in the PRC, led by Zhongshan Ophthalmology Centre, Zhongshan University ("中山大学中山眼科中心"). The study has been successfully completed in April 2005, and a meeting has been held in Auhui province, China on 2nd May 2005 by principal investigators, to prepare and review the report of clinical trial….

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